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New for 2017, Powder Keg fatbike racers can participate in a Poker Roll. Collect cards to make the best hand, and you can win a $100 Scheels gift card!

**Earn 2 BONUS cards if you register for the Powder Keg by 1/7.**

Here’s the details:

  • At check-in, all fatbike racers will receive a racer slip that will be used to track your cards. To receive cards, you must have this slip. This means you’ll need to carry it throughout the race. If you lose it, you’re out of the running for the poker roll.
  • At check-in, you’ll also draw one card from the deck. This is your first card. A volunteer will write the card suit and value on your slip.
  • At the end of each lap and at the finish, hand your slip to our volunteer and draw from the deck again. Long racers will draw one card. Short racers will draw two cards. The volunteer will mark your slip.
  • If you’ve earned any bonus cards for registering by 1/7, you’ll draw those at the finish, too.
  • Once you’ve drawn all your cards, make sure you turn your slip in to our volunteer.
  • The rider in each race with the best 5-card poker hand will win a $100 Scheels gift card!
  • Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony. You must be present at the ceremony to win.
  • Participation in the Poker Roll is OPTIONAL. Drawing a card at each lap will require you to stop, get off your bike, and possibly even wait for the rider in front of you to get their card. If you’re in this for the glory of the fastest time, the Poker Roll may not be for you. We’re okay with that if you are.
*In the case of a tie, the winner will be the rider with the fastest time.
**In the off chance two riders have identical hands, aside from suits, the suit ranking will be spades (highest), hearts, diamonds, clubs (lowest).
***We reserve the right to modify the rules, if necessary, due to race day conditions.